Beat the Heat, Naturally
We all love the feel of warm sunshine on bare skin and looking forward to spending the weekend outside. But no matter how much you enjoy the warmer months, we all need ways to cool down when the summer heat rises. And ideally, we can find ways to do it naturally without using too much energy or environmentally-harming resources.
How to Hit Refresh This Spring

It’s that weird season between winter and spring where so many of us start to get that “I need a change” itch. Maybe you feel restless, overwhelmed, overworked, tired, or just like you need a hit of energy in your life.

Maybe you’re even tempted to do something drastic like quit your job, move to the tiny home, travel the world and reinvent yourself entirely! Hey, we’re here for that if it’s what you need to do but sometimes all it takes to hit the refresh button are a couple of small changes.

If a complete life overhaul isn’t for you, let’s talk about some simple ways you can hit refresh and inject a little energy into your life.

7 Stay-cation Ideas in Nova Scotia
Not everyone goes away on vacation during the winter; between financial strain, time commitments, and even the health scare that is going on around the world currently, sometimes it's easier to stay home. However, we know that it's healthy to...
Pro Packing Essentials: Smart Accessories Every Traveler Needs in 2020

Have you ever considered carry-on only travel? Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the wonderful world of packing lighter and traveling with less or you’re a die-hard for a suitcase that you could fit in, keep reading.

There’s something to say for streamlining your travels and packing smarter. These travel accessories will create more space, less frustration and more time to focus on making the most of your trip.