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Women's Norvan LD 2 Shoe


Meta / Bioprism

Comfort is performance, and as time and distance accumulate, it becomes increasingly vital. Created for daylong runs on shifting terrain, the Norvan LD 2 incorporates progressive materials and construction to emerge lighter and more durable than the original without sacrificing award-winning performance and comfort. The grippy outsole’s Vibram® LITEBASE technology combines with a new midsole material to shed weight, and the lighter, stronger upper is exceptionally breathable.

High performance trail running systems for extended high output in challenging terrain.

Trail Running
Technical trail running systems with a focus on freedom of movement and moisture management.

Long Distance
Light, durable footwear providing comfort, support and protection on extended trail runs.

Breathable Material
Allows moisture vapour to escape, helping regulate temperature and elevating comfort inside garment.