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Original Neckwear - NEW


Daven Graphite
Crystal Multi
Airglow Multi
Kadri Tundra Khaki
Irdis Multi
Dolomiti Sand
Szezic Grey
Boronia Pink
Ilona Multi
Vera Fog Grey
Tephra Multi
Amur Multi
Vratsa Multi
Black Plaid
Muscary Graphite
Hovering Flamingo Pink
Amur Black
Tolui Red
Soft Hills Pink
Drake Black
Glow Waves Black
Karlin Mardi Grape
Katmandu Red
Marken Spirit Violet
Misty Woods Brown
Slope Multi
Tiger Grey
Utsi Multi
Fairy Snow Night Blue
Hollow Blue
Shading Blue
Rad Stripes
N-Exclusion Black
Haiku Dark Navy
Serra Mauve
Olaya Multi
Itakat Purple
Speed Graphite
Anira Graphite
Zhang Blue
Mara Multi
Streaks Multi
Neoyoko Multi
Geo-pool Aqua
Shanadu Multi
Dlights Pink
Court Armor
Namego Bronze
Pixil Purplish
Sumi Armor

The most versatile, multifunctional and seamless product for year-round activities is now even more comfortable offering 4-way stretch technology and a recycled fabric made from PET bottles. The Original is ideal for any outdoor activity providing great protection from the elements. Excellent moisture management makes it the perfect product for running, hiking or skiing. One size fits most necks.