Blanket Nahanni

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Named after the Nahanni River, which is a true Canadian wilderness icon. It's situated in a mountainous landscape and flows through Canada's deepest river canyons, past hot springs and geological features so unique that the Nahanni River was declared the first World Heritage Site by the United Nations in 1978.

This Blue Beauty is a real looker.

Big, beautiful and bright. Classic and cozy.

Super soft and utterly, absolutely, unmistakably stunning.

Perfect for those chilly mornings on the patio, cozying up in from the the fireplace , those epic summer road trips and every moment in between.


  • These recycled wool blend blankets are SUPER soft and cozy.
  • Fabric is ethically sourced from Italy and cut and sewn in Ontario Canada.
  • 65% recycled wool and 35% poly.
  • 5ft x 6ft (they're big!!)

Cleaning & Care:

  • Our blankets are machine washable.
  • Wash on alone, cold and gentle.
  • Hang to dry (we lay ours over the shower curtain) and they come out like new!
Blanket Nahanni